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The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of the Netherlands located in the museum area of Amsterdam. The Museum tells the story of 800 Years of Dutch history, from 1200 till now. There are several exhibitions per year from our own collections and collections with international loans.
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van Gogh Museum

The van Gogh Museum is dedicated to the Dutch famous art painter Vincent van Gogh. The museum in established on the museum square, where they have a collection of 200 paintings, 500 drawings and more than 700 letters from the famous Vincent van Gogh. Located next to the Rijksmuseum.
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Museum of Prostitution

The streets in old Amsterdam 1578, when the protestants removed the catholic city gouvernment through ages. The city centre of Amsterdam became an area of entertainment for sailors and travellers with nightlife drinking bars and prostitution.
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Diamond Museum

The Diamond museum opened in 2007 and is established on the back of the famous Museum square. The museum provides insight into the mining, cutting and processing of diamonds, with history going back to 1586.
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Moco: Banksy and More

The Modern Contemporary Museum (MOCO) is a particular museum located at the museum square. It's an institution to exhibiting modern and contemporary art. The museum wants to make modern and contemporary art  accessible to a broad and young audience
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Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam museum, known as the Amsterdam historical museum until 2010, is an Amsterdam-based museum dedicated to the city past and present. It's located between the Dam Square and the Spui.
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Nemo Science Museum

The museum is built on the foundation of the IJ tunnel and located at Oosterdok. The 1997 building, close to Amsterdam central station, was designed by Renzo Piano. This a  interactive science museum for kids and adults.  

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Maritime Museum

The museum displays objects relating to ships and travel on large bodies of water. It also gives you insight about how the Dutch East Indian trading company became so big in the Seventy Century. There is also a replica of an old trading ship called ‘’De Amsterdam’’ that you can enter and how you can see how they lived.  
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Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is a museum for modern art, contemporary art and design located In Amsterdam. The collection comprises modern and contemporary art and design from the early 20th century up to the 21st century. It features artist like Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky and many more.
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Dutch Resistance

The museum is located in the Plantage neighbourhood in Amsterdam. The Dutch resistance museum, chosen as the best historical museum of the Netherlands tells the story of the Dutch people in World War two. From the 14th of May 1940 to the 5th of May 1945, the Netherlands was occupied by the Germans.
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Torture Museum

The torture museum Amsterdam is a small museum located in the heart of Amsterdam, very close to the flower market. Included in the list of world most unusual museums. A second museum related to the subject torture in Amsterdam is the museum medieval torture instruments. This museum is located in Damrak 33.
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Jewish Cultural Museum

Amsterdam has historically been the center of the Dutch jewish community, and has had a continuing jewish community for the last 370 years. Amsterdam is also know under the name ‘’Mokum’’.
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Rembrandt House

The Rembrandt House is a historic house and art museum. Painter Rembrandt lived and worked in the house between 1639 and 1656. The 17-century interior has been reconstructed. The collection contains Rembrandt’s etchings of his contemporaries.
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Sex Museum

The Seks museum or the "Temple of Venus" is a seks museum opened in 1985. The museum features an extensive collection of pictures, recordings, photos, paintings and artifacts which allow visitors to see the evolution of human sexuality throughout the ages .
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Hash & Marihuana

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum is a museum in Amsterdam. The museum was founded in 1985 by entrepreneur and cannabis seed grower Ben Dronkers, along with his friend Ed Rosenthal. Since the opening of the museum, the collection has grown to more than 7,000 objects.
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Foam or Fotografie museum Amsterdam is a photography museum. The museum has four different exhibitions at any given time witch different photographic genres are shown, such as documentary, art and fashion. Next to large exhibitions by well-known photographers.
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AMAZE is interactive and relaxing. The labyrinth is designed to reach visitors on a emotional level. Bringing people into ecstasy and letting them experience the purest emotions is in our DNA. For 30 years already, to escape from reality has been the essence of what we offer
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Upside Down - Instagram

Everyone, young and old, will find their inspiration when they step out of their current reality, into a new fantasy worlds. With our mind-bending world, we want to inspire you to create, to do things you’ve never dreamt about and to have fun.
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Tropen Museum

The Tropen museum is on the move and changing, just like society. In the past it mainly had to propagate the colonial glory of the Netherlands. Nowadays the museum presents the historical collection from different perspectives, inviting reflection and social discussion.
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